Carpet/Floor Cleaning

We offer two distinct carpet cleaning methods:

Hot Water Extraction is when hot water is suspended into the carpet along with the proper cleaning agent and then vacuumed using a portable extraction machine. This method is completed with a hospital-grade disinfectant. 4-5 hour drying time.


Low Moisture or Dry Carpet Cleaning uses half the water needed for a traditional carpet cleaning. This method works by agitating the carpet and bringing all of the dirt to the surface yarns of the carpet, and it is then extracted. This method offers a deeper clean versus the Hot Water Extraction. 35-45 minute drying time.

We also offer vehicle detailing. Our vehicle detailing service includes a full wipe down of the interior of the vehicle, trash removal, and carpet cleaning using either of our carpet cleaning methods. 

In addition to carpet cleaning, we also offer cleaning for tile and wood flooring. Specializing in a proven method to remove dirt from tile grout and the hard to reach grooves within wood flooring. Contact us for a free quote!